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In education, our department provides lectures in the cardiovascular system, nervous system and sensory system in the 1st year. In the 2nd year anatomy practice course, we are in charge of practices in human body dissection (head and lower limbs) and brain dissection.
In research, the main theme of our department is human anatomy. Keeping in mind the relevance to clinical practices, we focus on analyzing arteries, muscles and peripheral nerves at the gross anatomical level. We are also conducting research on the central nervous system network using various morphological techniques combined with neurophysiological techniques.

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TEL: 076-218-8115 +81-76-218-8115 / FAX: 076-286-2843 +81-76-286-2843 / Email:


Professor and Chair

  • HONMA Satoru

Associate Professor

  • ITO Tetsufumi

Senior Assistant Professor

  • YASUTAKA Satoru

Assistant Professor(Adjunct)

  • KOMINAMI Rieko

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